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·Streamlined, responsive and cost-effective R&D procedure

·One-stop, integrated manufacturing operation

·Cutting-edge facilities and self-owned testing lab

Aurora YOUR CHINA Helmet experts

Helmet solution Provider


Our in-house design facility coupled with our creative Account team enables us to create innovative helmets ideally suited to our clients target market - the company combines creativity and sourcing in a unique partnership to bring the best to any sports campaign.


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  • Cycling Helmet was Invented for a Reason! It Saves Life!


    Cycling Helmet was Invented for

    The accident: on the morning of April 13(Saturday), some buddies and I (members of the same cycling club) went, as planned, to the city’s Heimifeng Forest Park to join a cycling event. Everything was alright the way up, and the pack of us

  • Introducing the patented fit system


    Introducing the patented fit sy

    After more than two-years of development, we would like to introduce one of our patented helmet fit system. This replacement hugs the back of the head and reduces the tendency of the helmet to shift forwards or backwards. Unlike most system