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R&D capabilities

We position ourselves as a China-based global helmet solution provider who helps clients develop and design DIFFERENTIATED products, with the aim of helping them win more market share. 

We have our own R&D team armed with an international vision and sophisticated R&D capabilities. With a total of five national patents under its belt, the team excels in assimilating global advanced technologies and techniques into its own R&D expertise. 

Briefly, we enjoy three major R&D advantages:

1) if you  can furnish  a sketch 2D illustration, we have the capability and expertise to turn it into a concrete product;
2) if you can provide us with a picture of the model you like, we are also well capable of converting that into a concrete product; 
3) if you have your own designers who produce 3D drawings, that's be even better and easier for us to finish the end product.